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Our Qualifications
In the quest for the world’s high places, it is possible to discover a path to places deep within ourselves. Knowing oneself on this level can only bring positive results; lessons learned in the mountains can yield even greater value when applied to daily life. Mountain adventures offer many types of opportunities for self-discovery. Although few alpinists would say they go to the mountains solely in search of self-discovery, most will admit it’s fundamental to the lure of alpinism.

Time for reflection

Self-discovery and personal growth can’t be planned or structured but they can be facilitated. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of being in the moment, and aware of what’s happening around you. On other occasions it does not happen until after the fact. Regardless of when or where it happens, we believe facilitating self-discovery and personal growth is an important job – and it is the source of our greatest satisfaction as professionals. 

We do not attempt to bring about personal growth, or self-discovery, through the use of exercises or artificial experiences. In our opinion, the mountains do not require any assistance when it comes to these matters. Climbing and skiing are enough, all by themselves, to set the stage. On the other hand, we do try to maintain a keen awareness of what you are experiencing and we’ll encourage you to be aware too. Sometimes, just allowing a few extra minutes on a ledge for you to absorb an experience is all it takes. 

Physical Challenges
Alpinism is widely known for confronting physical challenges. Whether you are going up or down, hard work often factors into the experience somewhere. Triumphing over physical challenges, whether it amounts to climbing a big alpine face, finally completing a “boulder problem” after your umpteenth try, or skiing at the limit of your ability, brings with it a deep sense of accomplishment. It’s that Cheshire cat grin on your face that accompanies the warm, tired glow at the end of a mountain adventure. It’s compelling, and it can become addictive, especially for those new to the world of alpinism. 

Mental Challenges: Confronting Fear & Doubt
Fear and doubt conspire to dull human ambitions. One feeds the other, and collectively they feed on our confidence, serving to remind us that with too little restraint we might never return home. Getting killed is clearly a very bad idea, but with too much restraint we can never reach our potential. 

Alpinism places the risk/reward balance directly in your path with very little to obscure it. Simple choices can involve dire consequences. Because of this, alpinists learn to make those decisions advisedly, and with great care – or their careers end abruptly. Learning about your personal risk tolerance, and how it impacts your actions, is an intrinsic part of becoming a skilled alpinist and that knowledge carries over into all aspects of your life. 

Under harsh circumstances we discover the best, and the worst, in ourselves and in others. Mountain adventures can produce legendary friendships. The bonds formed through collective efforts at achieving a challenging goal, where failure is not an option, are strong and durable. We count, as our closest friends, more than a few people with whom we have shared memorable mountain adventures. 

Alpinism, by its very nature, will place you in situations where you must entrust others with your most valuable possession – your life. The dynamics of this trust engender serious self-examination, and with that comes a better sense of who you are and what matters most to you. That’s personal growth.

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