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Encouraging Environmental Stewardship Promoting Effective Education Facilitating Personal Growth

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Our Values

Values are the underpinnings of purpose. Without them, evocative and satisfying direction in life remains elusive. Our values tell us how to reconcile the passions that inspire us with the principles that constrain us. Alpinism will not provide you with values, but it may well provide the impetus and context for you to examine, and thereby find deeper meaning in, some of the values you already possess. 

In our own case, more than a quarter century of alpinism has provided ample opportunity for our values to take shape relevant to its pursuit. We believe alpinism should be practiced in a manner that is consistent with its sustainability and we discuss this conviction on our Encouraging Environmental Stewardship page. We also believe that those who choose to share this craft with others should accept responsibility to do so to the very best of their ability. This is addressed on our Promoting Effective Education page. Lastly, we believe that the abundant opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth in the mountains should not be overlooked. We discuss this on our Facilitating Personal Growth page.

We have devoted most of our lives to sharing the joys of alpinism. Throughout this time we have tried to; inspire in others the sense of awe we feel whenever we are in the mountains, share our knowledge of the tools and techniques required to pursue these objectives wisely, and remind people that alpinism, like life, is not a destination but a journey. This has provided abundant satisfaction for us.

Pristine ice

Pristine ice in a wild place

Far from the crowds

Far from the crowds

Reconciling Competing Priorities:
A Hierarchical Approach

After operating a business for most of our working lives we continue to believe you can make a difference. We set out to build a business that would not only provide a livelihood, but one that would support our values and make a contribution to alpinism. So far, this has proven worthwhile. But, to accomplish this we have had to establish, and pay close attention to, priorities that are derived from our values. Although these priorities are not completely inflexible, they are predicated on beliefs anchored in vast experience so they don’t bend easily.

Personal Priorities
These come first. They are derived from the values that govern who we are on a personal level, and their importance to us supercedes professional or business priorities. Broadly speaking these values embrace such universal qualities as honestly, integrity, diligence and compassion – none of which requires explanation. We also believe there’s far more satisfaction to be found in giving to the world than in taking from it. 

In our role as alpinists we have a strong sense of stewardship over the wild places where climbing and skiing take place. Without these places, in their wild state, the rich tapestry of experiences they can bring to us is lost – and with it, many of the most compelling reasons for going to the mountains in the first place. Because it undermines their continued existence and with it their ability to offer meaningful experiences, we believe excessive impact on these places, whether physical or social, is unjustifiable.

We value the opportunity to share with others the knowledge and meaning we have gained through alpinism. We believe they are best shared in a personalized manner that promotes effective conveyance of information and experience in the real-world situations where it applies most.

Professional Priorities
These come next in our hierarchy. They are derived from the values that govern what we do on a professional level and their importance supercedes our business priorities but remains secondary to our personal priorities. 

Our professional services must be beneficial to our clientele, to alpine sports and to the environment. We continually strive to develop our knowledge and improve our ability so we can better achieve these goals. The Encouraging Environmental Stewardship, Promoting Effective Education, and Facilitating Personal Growth pages detail our professional convictions in these areas and lead to much more information throughout this web site. 

Business Priorities
These come last, and they determine how we implement our personal and professional priorities to make a living. We are in business to offer high quality programs, not those that are compromised for marketability. If we can’t do it well we won’t do it at all. 

By conducting business within the constraints of our priorities we have knowingly let pass some commercial opportunities. These trade-offs, placing commercial priorities in the back seat with other, more important, priorities up front have sometimes been costly, but always worthwhile, for us.

You don’t have to look far in today’s world to find businesses that are quick to compromise personal or professional values in the pursuit of profit. We are not opposed to making money but, when profit becomes the dominant priority, the incentive for businesses to provide meaningful contribution is overshadowed. We simply could not sleep at night with this priority.

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A well-run organization

Comparing Guides, Guide Services & Climbing Schools
When we started Alpine Adventures, the mountain guiding industry consisted of a small handful of devoted professionals. Over the years, the industry has grown enormously and you will find a wide variety of companies with an equally wide variety of values. Some of these companies are still committed to excellence, but others are quick to forego quality in the interest of profit. To help you make an informed decision when purchasing mountain guiding services, we have prepared a list of concerns you might wish to consider: Comparing Guides, Guide Services & Climbing Schools.

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