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Alpine Adventures Adirondack Climbing

Steep face climbing

Recent and Current

As of 2020, we are no longer guiding

climbing or skiing

For more information about R.L.& Karen Stolz,
please visit
Vertical Perspectives Photography.

Gear For Sale
When we are ready we will be liquidating equipment formerly used in our programs. We will update this section at that time.

To learn what weather and conditions to expect each season visit our Seasons & Weather page. On this page, you can learn when conditions and weather are likely to be best for each of our activities. This information can be viewed by activity or by month.

Current Weather & Forecast is the best weather information we’ve found on the web, but remember weather forecasts in the mountains are notoriously unreliable. Always be prepared for cold, wet weather — no matter what the weatherman says!!

Gathering storm clouds

Our rock climbing season runs May through October

Our winter season starts in December and ends in March

After a winter storm

Ice & Snow Conditions Report– Posted In Winter Only


Mountain weather and conditions change quickly and frequently. This conditions report is based upon available information at the time of updating. Things change. Expect it, and plan for it. Every individual is responsible for making his/her own decisions about weather, routes and conditions. Alpinists have widely varying risk tolerance - one person’s casual stroll can be another’s desperate nightmare. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into BEFORE you become committed. No conditions report can provide all you need to know.

This report is offered for general information only. We do not attempt to provide information about individual climbing routes or skiing locations because perceptions of conditions vary so widely and because conditions can change so quickly. What was here today can, literally, be gone tomorrow. For detailed information about conditions on a specific climb we suggest you go take a look at it, and have a backup plan in mind in case things are not what you hoped. That’s exactly what we do.

For a better understanding of ice conditions visit From Water To Ice: How Climbs Form.

To learn about climate change in the Adirondacks, and how the warming trend is impacting winter recreation, visit Adirondack Winter 2.0 - A New Perspective.


Current Ice & Snow Conditions

As of 2020, we are no longer guiding climbing or skiing.


Do you need the Adirondack ice climbing guidebook, Blue Lines by Don Mellor? We have it for sale, along with other guidebooks and instructional texts.

Last-Minute Course Specials
This section includes information about special, last-minute pricing on partially filled scheduled courses. If your calendar is flexible, you can take advantage of significant savings on these courses. Please keep in mind that we run most of our scheduled courses full, so it could be a long time before a partially filled course is posted on this site. Also, keep in mind that we will rarely have more than one space available in a course, and never more than two spaces. Partially filled courses (starting in less than 30 days) will be posted here when available. Please contact us for more information or to book a course.

The following course is available at a special rate:
As of 2020, we are no longer guiding climbing or skiing.


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