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Gear For Sale

New Equipment
For the convenience of our clients we maintain a small selection of essentials for sale during our programs. We do not, however, sell new items via this web site, nor do we maintain a retail store. If you need equipment advice check our Equipment page or contact us and we’ll do our best make appropriate suggestions.

To purchase the items listed as Suggested Reading for our programs, as well as local guidebooks, please go to our Books For Sale page. We also sell Alpine Adventures hats and t-shirts. Items may be purchased during your program, or we can send them to you if you contact us.

Used Equipment
From time to time we replace equipment used in our programs with newer models. The equipment listed below has been used but is still in serviceable condition. This equipment carries no warranty. We do not sell (nor should you buy) used protection, ropes or other items directly related to life-support. Please contact us for more information or to purchase.

$15 by US Postal Service within eastern US (other options extra) for most items. All shipping internationally is subject to a $15 surcharge. 

You may return items to us for a full refund up to 10 days from the date you receive them. Shipping charges in both directions are your responsibility and are non-refundable.

Lots of toys

Ice Climbing Boots
Double plastic boots used in our rental program, but still in good to excellent condition. Some of these boots have had minor repairs (eyelets replaced, etc.).
All of these boots are suitable for use on steep ice in cold conditions.

Kastinger Habeler Peak
Ice climbing and mountaineering boots with removeable insulated inner boot and plastic shell. Very stiff. Fits narrow to very narrow feet only. If you have a “normal” width foot this boot will be uncomfortably tight at the arch and forward. If you have the slender foot for which these boots were designed you will find they work very well.

Men's 8 $40
Men's 10 $40

Kastinger Habeler Peak

Ice Tools
We currently have no ice tools for sale. The following parts are available:

Replacement parts for Simond Naja Ice Tools
Adze (2) $15

Replacement parts for Cassin Orion Third Tool
Stubby pick (for use on rock) $15

Replacement picks for original Chouinard X Tools (Not X-15)
Reverse curve pick (1) $50

Ice Tool Leashes
Old style Charlet-Moser leashes (2 pair) $10/pair
Simond Track-up leashes (2 pair) $10/pair

Chouinard X Tool reverse curve picks

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