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As of 2020, we are no longer guiding climbing or skiing.

This section is for reference only.

Arrange An Adventure

To arrange an adventure you’ll first need to select an appropriate program. Next, you will need to make reservations for that program. And finally, you will need to make some preparations for your program. The sections below will guide you through this process. Of course, you can also just contact us and we will discuss the arrangements with you.

Stepping out over ... nothing?

On the way down


Personal Responsibility
Risks and dangers are a part of all of the activities we conduct. Although we have an exceptional safety record, and we will do our best to make you aware of these hazards, they can never be entirely eliminated because of the inherent nature of the mountains. By choosing to participate in our activities, you are also choosing to expose yourself to these risks and dangers, and choosing to accept responsibility for any accidents which could result in personal injury or death. To confirm your acceptance of this responsibility you will be required to sign an Assumption Of Risk and Liability Release at the start of your program. Recognizing and accepting, or avoiding, risk is the fundamental responsibility of every alpinist and it is the essence of mountain activities.

Physical Conditioning
If you are more than 20% over your ideal weight, if you don’t get regular strenuous exercise, if you have injuries or other physical limitations, or if you are concerned for other reasons, please contact us to discuss your options for participation in our activities. We rarely exclude people due to physical limitations however, we may require enrollment through Private Instruction or Guiding so we can make specific adjustments to meet your needs. For more information, please visit our Fitness & Training page.

Adventures with Young Adults and Children
Mature young adults, 14 years and older, are welcome in all of our programs, with or without an accompanying parent or guardian. Children, ages 10 to 13, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian participating in the activity with them, and all activities with these children must be scheduled through Private Instruction or Guiding. We do not normally accept children under 10. Parental consent is required for all minors.

Choosing The Right Adventure

We offer programs in four different activity areas, including 42 different courses, private instruction and guiding. This can be quite perplexing but the section below will help you come up with an adventure that’s just right for you. Once again, we’d be delighted to personally assist you with this process if you contact us.

Which Activity?
Most people already have one of our activities: Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Mountaineering or Backcountry Skiing in mind by the time they visit this web site. In the Our Services section of this web site you can learn much more about each of these activities. If your plans call for multiple activities, we suggest you contact us so we can help you fit them together efficiently.

Instruction Or Guiding?
Instruction and guiding are really quite different. For instruction, our emphasis is placed on teaching skills and a structured learning experience will always be the end result. For guiding, our emphasis is placed on accomplishing a particular adventure objective. To learn more about the important differences between instruction and guiding visit our Education page.

For Instruction:
• Click below on the appropriate activity to determine your ability level
Rock Climbing
Ice Climbing
Backcountry Skiing
• Once you know where you fit into our instructional progression, you can browse appropriate courses
• The detailed course descriptions will link to options for booking

For Guiding:
• Click below on the appropriate activity
Guided Rock Climbing
Guided Ice Climbing
Guided Mountaineering
Guided Backcountry Skiing
• These pages will link to options for booking

Whether you join us for instruction or guiding, we’ll always help you learn more about the mountains and we’ll always work with you to achieve your objectives. Most importantly, we'll never forget that fun is the key ingredient in each and every one of our mountain adventures!

Learning to climb ice

Adventure in far away places

Making Reservations

Once you have a particular program in mind, go to our Reservations page to find out how to book our services.

Preparing For Your Adventure

Our Preparing For Your Adventure page provides suggestions pertaining to accommodations, equipment, and fitness, along with other information to help you prepare for your program.

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