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Backcountry Skiing
Gliding through a foot of fresh snow, deeper into the winter wilderness with each stride, is an experience not easily forgotten. But, to safely enjoy the backcountry in winter you must possess a variety of skills requisite in an environment where the margin for error shrinks with each stride away from civilization. From your first strides into the backcountry to ski descents of the High Peaks, our progression of courses, the Ski Mastery Method, will help you develop your skills and increase your knowledge of backcountry skiing. Once you’ve mastered the basics, Ski Guiding allows you to experience some of the finest backcountry skiing anywhere.

Adirondack backcountry skiing

Adirondack backcountry

Adirondack backcountry skiing

Rest stop: Adirondack style

All of our skiing programs take place in the backcountry, on the wide variety of snow conditions provided by nature. Backcountry skiing can be very different from skiing on a carefully prepared surface at nordic or alpine ski centers – that’s part of its appeal. The difficulty of the skiing can vary tremendously with different snow conditions, and part of the challenge of skiing in the backcountry is learning to effectively cope with a cornucopia of conditions.

Our skiing programs are primarily focused on nordic (free-heel) techniques and equipment, which generally offer the most practical approach to backcountry skiing. For skiers with well-developed alpine (downhill) skiing skills, and the appropriate equipment, we also offer instruction and guiding for the more specialized alpine touring approach to backcountry skiing.

Clients provide their own ski equipment and appropriate clothing for all ski programs. Please see Ski Equipment for specific recommendations and rental information.

Unless noted otherwise, programs meet at 9 a.m. and conclude at approximately 5 p.m. each day. We provide your lunch each day, however breakfast, dinner and accommodations are not included. When you register for a program we can help you arrange for Accommodations to suit your preferences.

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