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“Because it’s there.” When George Mallory justified his obsession with climbing the world’s highest mountain in those words, much of the world was unimpressed. It was a pursuit without an apparent practical purpose. For those who are drawn to mountaintops, reasons are unimportant – it’s getting there (and getting back) that matters. The elusive reasons for climbing mountains are deeply personal and often quite profound. Whatever your reasons, our mountaineering programs are a great way to begin your journey.

For those seeking a wilderness experience in combination with semi-technical climbing or non-technical (no ropes) scrambling, mountaineering provides generous portions of both. No rock or ice climbing experience is required, and although we may occasionally use a rope on more exposed sections of the mountains, you should not expect technical climbing.

Climbing with crampons

Climbing with crampons and single axe

Adirondack slide climbing

Adirondack slide climbing

Our Mountaineering Mastery Method includes summer and winter courses along with navigation courses, which are not seasonal. Collectively, these courses address the tools and techniques required to safely undertake non-technical objectives in the Adirondacks, and elsewhere, throughout the year. 

Our Mountaineering Guiding programs allow you to explore Adirondack hiking and scrambling year-round and, once you have the requisite skills, we can tackle more demanding semi-technical objectives. Our mountaineering programs are also a good way to ease into rock or ice climbing gradually.

We also arrange private trips, for qualified climbers, to many of the world’s great alpine and high-altitude mountaineering destinations.

Summer Courses

Addressing the skills required to travel off-trail on bare rock slides during warmer months, these courses go beyond hiking but don’t quite get to technical climbing. Slide climbing techniques and trip planning are important topics covered and one of these courses includes overnight stays in mountain campsites.

Winter Courses

These courses were pimarily designed to introduce the skills required for non-technical midwinter ascents to Adirondack summits. Crampon techniques, single ice axe usage, cold weather dressing, trip planning and, depending upon conditions, basic snowshoeing skills are addressed. One course adds winter camping techniques to the list. These courses also provide good preparation for trekking adventures on glaciers through-out the world. 

Navigation Courses

From the basics of reading a map and compass to practical usage of computer-based mapping and GPS solutions, these courses are designed to help you go gracefully from point A to point B.

Karen Stolz, mountaineering

Karen Stolz, Mt. Cook, New Zealand

Good job mountaineering

Clients provide appropriate footwear and clothing for mountaineering programs. We provide all other equipment according to season, including packs, ice axes, crampons and snowshoes – or you may use your own equipment if you prefer. High-quality plastic boots are available for rental in winter. Please see Mountaineering Equipment for specific recommendations and rental information.

Unless noted otherwise, programs meet at 9 a.m. and conclude at approximately 5 p.m. each day. We provide your lunch each day, however breakfast, dinner and accommodations are not included unless camping is involved in your program. When you register for a program we can help you arrange for Accommodations to suit your preferences.

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