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As of 2020, we are no longer guiding climbing or skiing.

This section is for reference only.

Arrange Scheduled Courses

• If you are willing to share your instructor with someone else, but you do not have a partner(s), enrolling in a Scheduled Course may make sense for you. 

• Because we fill most scheduled courses you should expect to learn with at least one other person. We will never exceed the maximum number of students per instructor specified in the Course Description. 

• The cost for a Scheduled Course will remain the same even if someone else cancels or we run the course with partial enrollment. 

• If you are booking alone your cost will be lower for a Scheduled Course than booking through Private Instruction as an individual.

• If you are booking with a friend(s) Private Instruction usually provides the best value. Course content is the same regardless of how you book.

• Due to their specialized nature, and to avoid mis-matched abilities, our intermediate (Level II) and advanced (Level III) courses must be arranged through Private Instruction. However, we offer our most popular introductory (Level I) programs as Scheduled Courses on specific dates (see below) with open enrollment.

• If, after checking the listed dates, your calendar won’t allow you to enroll in one of these Scheduled Courses, we can make arrangements to teach any course through Private Instruction

Course Schedule
If you are interested in a course and you do not see it listed in the schedule that follows, it will be necessary to arrange that course through Private Instruction.


Ice Climbing Week II

Summer Mountaineering Basics

Chalked up for Hard Rock

Comparing Guides, Guide Services & Climbing Schools
When comparison shopping for mountain guiding services you will need to consider many factors. Truly vast differences exist in the quality and scope of services available in the mountain guiding industry. Without a clear understanding of these differences, price shopping can be highly misleading.

To help you make an informed decision when purchasing mountain guiding services, we have prepared a list of concerns you might wish to consider: Comparing Guides, Guide Services & Climbing Schools.

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