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A Week Of Backcountry Skiing ISM

Crossing an open stream, with care

Students Per Instructor: 1, 2 or 3
Course Length: 5 Days (approx. 8 hours per day)
Seasons Offered: Winter
Alpine Mastery Method: Ski Mastery - Level I
Prerequisites: Ability to ski “more difficult” trails at nordic ski center

Course Cost:
Booked through
Private Instruction
One student per instructor: $2000
Two students per instructor: $1250/person
Three students per instructor: $1000/person

Course Summary: This course is an intensive 5-day introduction to nordic skiing in the backcountry.


Course Description:
Combining our Backcountry Basics and Telemarking: The Essentials courses, this intensive introduction to backcountry skiing will get you started as quickly and efficiently as possible. Five consecutive days of skiing, with instruction, will help you build skills and confidence that would otherwise take much longer.

In addition to teaching the skiing skills essential for you to become an independent backcountry skier, we look forward to sharing five days of great skiing destinations with you. We will select each day's tour from dozens of options, dependng upon snow conditions, skills to be presented, and energy levels of participants.

If you are sure you want to get into backcountry skiing, this couse is a great way to do it!


Gathering storm

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