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Students Per Instructor: 1, 2 or 3
Course Length: 2 Days (approx. 8 hours per day)
Seasons Offered: Winter
Alpine Mastery Method: Ski Mastery - Level III
Prerequisites: Telemarking: The Essentials or comparable experience

Course Cost:
Booked through
Private Instruction
One student per instructor: $800
Two students per instructor: $500/person
Three students per instructor: $400/person

Course Summary: This course teaches advanced nordic or alpine skiing techniques for the backcountry.


Course Description:
NORDIC VERSION - The adaptability of the telemark turn to a wide variety of snow conditions makes it the most useful turn in a nordic backcountry skier’s downhill repertoire.

In the nordic version of this course we’ll refine your basic telemark, introducing step telemarks, two-step telemarks, lateral projection telemarks, leading ski telemarks and other variations. We’ll also work on parallel turns with our free-heel equipment. On the second day we’ll apply our new skills on a challenging objective chosen according to snow conditions and your ability.

This course is ideally suited for nordic skiers who are comfortable with the telemark turn when the snow is “just right” but have trouble otherwise.

ALPINE VERSION - For the most challenging terrain and conditions, most skiers prefer alpine touring equipment. We begin the alpine version of this course by practicing pedal-jump turns and other techniques for very steep slopes. Our goal is to control speed and develp the ability to turn effectively in the confined spaces typically found in chutes and streambeds.

On our second day we'll select the most challenging descent objective we think you can handle. Hang on tight!

Hiking rocky peaks for ski descents

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