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Advanced Self-RescueSM

On a remote climb, these techniques could save your partner’s life — or even your own

Students Per Instructor: 1 or 2
Course Length: 2 Days (approx. 8 hours per day)
Seasons Offered: Spring, Summer, Fall
Alpine Mastery Method: Rock Mastery - Level III
Prerequisites: Essentials Of Self-Rescue

Course Cost:
Booked through
Private Instruction
One student per instructor: $800
Two students per instructor: $500/person

Course Summary: This course will teach you how to handle climbing emergencies that happen in remote settings, where assistance from others is unlikely to be available. Instruction will refine your skills for lowering your partner to the bottom of a climb, introduce techniques for raising your partner to the top of a cliff, and present techniques to transport your partner to a road.


Course Description:
For climbers venturing to remote climbing locations, and other situations requiring a high degree of self-sufficiency, this two-day course, using extensive hands-on simulations, is designed to build upon the foundation created in our Essentials Of Self-Rescue course.

We begin by covering the assessment and rescue planning processes relevant to conditions where you're completely on your own, without special rescue equipment or others to lend a hand.

Next, elaborating on techniques introduced in our Essentials Of Self-Rescue course, you’ll complete a simulation of a complicated, multi-pitch counterbalance lower/rappel with an injured leader. Improvised carries, makeshift litters and the involved techniques required for raising an injured climber are some of the other advanced topics that will be covered.

Our Essentials Of Self-Rescue course is a prerequisite for this course and we highly recommend that you have first aid training at the First Responder level or above. This is the most comprehensive training of its type available and the knowledge you’ll gain may well be the most important thing you take to a remote climb.

Counter-balance lower: just the beginning

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