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Guiding Skills:
Sharing The MountainsSM

Guide and client sharing the mountains

Students Per Instructor: 1 or 2
Course Length: 5 Days (approx. 8 hours per day)
Seasons Offered: Spring, Summer, Fall
Alpine Mastery Method: Rock Mastery - Level III
Prerequisites: Recommendation by R.L. or Karen Stolz

Course Cost:
Booked through
Private Instruction
One student per instructor: $2000
Two students per instructor: $1250/person

Course Summary: This course teaches specialized guiding skills needed in semi-technical and technical terrain. It is designed to familiarize you with the responsibilities of guiding and some of the techniques available to meet those responsibilities.


Course Description:
Sharing the joys of multi-pitch rock climbing can be tremendously fulfilling, but with the sharing comes immense responsibility. A skilled mountain guide must possess a wide variety of technical and interpersonal skills as well as the self-discipline required to maintain constant awareness of potential hazards. Much of this course deals with the myriad problems and complications that can arise while guiding in a multi-pitch setting and how best to cope with them.

We will introduce you to established guided climbing practices including protecting yourself and your clients on technical terrain, special considerations for belay stances while guiding, avoiding rope entanglements, coaching clients on difficult sections, and the relative merits of lowering, rappelling, or downclimbing to descend. Semi-technical guiding practices such as short-roping, short-pitching and simul-climbing will be presented and practiced, and we'll spend a full day covering client rescue techniques.

Additional topics include client evaluation, route selection, equipment preparation, and how to integrate teaching and guiding.

You must be a fully independent and competent climber with experience on a variety of climbing terrain. Successful completion of our Top-Roping Instructor Training, Advanced Leading, and Essentials Of Self-Rescue courses, and at least one very active season of leading experience, are prerequisites for this course.

Coaching the climber

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